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Sage 50 or Sage 50cloud? Neither.

I just had the most interesting chat with Justin at Peachtree the makers of Sage 50 and Sage 50cloud.  I have a customer using Sage 50 2015.  It’s breaking occasionally with windows update.  Reloading is an overnight ordeal.  I thought I might see what a new version would cost.  I could not find a way to order the desktop version on their website.  Evidently, you have to talk to a sales representative.  Why?  Because just paying for the software does not get you support for the software, there are support options.  You have to buy support and for software that has such bad reputation for breaking regardless of whether you have the most current version, you really don’t want to waste your money buying the software without the support.  Justin confirmed this for me.  Buyer beware.  Here is the text of my conversation with “Justin”.

Info at 10:21, Jul 17:
Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly.
Info at 10:22, Jul 17:
You are now chatting with Justin.
You at 10:22, Jul 17:
I don’t want to use cloud software. Can I just get a desktop license?
You at 10:23, Jul 17:
for sage 50 I mean?
Justin at 10:25, Jul 17:
Hi, are you currently using Sage cloud software?
You at 10:25, Jul 17:
Why do you ask?
You at 10:28, Jul 17:
You know, I don’t want to sit here for 5 minutes while you figure out how to convince me that I want cloud software… No wonder the support reviews are so aweful. Could you just answer my question… I don’t want to use cloud software. Can I just get a desktop license?
Justin at 10:30, Jul 17:
Yes, you can get a desktop license.
You at 10:31, Jul 17:
Where do I order it so that it is supported?
Justin at 10:32, Jul 17:
Our Sage 50 representatives help with ordering and purchasing support for the software.
You at 10:35, Jul 17:
There isn’t a link to just buy it?
Justin at 10:36, Jul 17:
No. You can purchase via Amazon or possibly Office Depot if you choose.
You at 10:37, Jul 17:
And it will be supported if I do that? I saw reviews that said it’s not supported if bought at Amazon.
Justin at 10:39, Jul 17:
I am not sure how Amazon supports it’s purchases although, purchasing Sage Software directly from the company will include options to purchase support.
You at 10:42, Jul 17:
You folks are so precious… I think I will look a little closer at QB. Thanks for your time.