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Notice to KBM Customers
Ada-ware™ and Windows® Vista

I am writing this to KBM consultants and customer who I know have Windows Vista machines that you maintain yourself.  I just got a notice from Lavasoft  that they are no longer going to support Ada-ware SE Plus after 12/31/2007.  Ada-ware SE Plus is their licensed version of the product, not the free version that most of you probably use.  Not sure what the status of the free version currently is, but will be looking into it. 
Of note for Vista users in this same notice is Lavsoft's "2007 Plus product now supports Vista", which puts a suggestion in ones mind that their current products may not.  So be careful using the free Ada-ware product on your Vista machines until we have a chance to test it and verify that it works and does no damage.  If you have already used it, give me a call, your test will do;-)  I suspect that if it does not support Vista, it will tell you such if you try to run it... One would hope, but just in case...  don't try it without a backup plan.

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