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Crucial Memory Upgrades

KBM Enterprises has shopped at Crucial Memory for all of our mempry upgrade needs for years... I'll have to look up and see if I can find our first order. I think (don't quote me on this) they were somehow associated with or bought Micron Computers and my very first lapto was a Micron in 1993-sh? and that's when I first remember working with them. I like that their lifetime warrantee really is or seems to be lifetime. When a module goes bad, I call them, give them the number and they exchange it. I only once had them question me regarding the source of the module and we were able to work that out. I am pretty sure that the "lifetime" to which they refer is the lifetime that they continue to provide comparable product and that's reasonable to me. We have just become a commissioned agent (May, 2007).

Crucial Memory Selector

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