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Following are frequently asked computing or computer related questions that are usually pretty simple to answer and sometimes simple to fix. I made up some of the questions. Those are classified as "Questions That Should Be Frequently Asked." There are links in the answers to our preferred vendors or "free" solutions. We might get a commission from the vendor if you buy something through our link. You can call a bias foul if you want, but we were so often recommending vendors, it just seemed silly not to take advantage of commission opportunities once we were sure a vendor is a good solution provider. While I cannot give you a money back guarantee, most of our vendors do and I assure you they take our commission back too.

Our vendors are recommend because we buy from them and have had good service. Expect that we have used all of our recommended vendors for more than one year or you will see a note under the vendor's link. You will also find a KBM Relationship Link next to all of the vendors. Click on the link and you will find a description of our relationship and/or experiences with the vendor. If you have a conflicting experience we want to know. We like getting commissions, but we don't like getting complaints, we keep our relationship/experience documentation up to date.

09/15/2007 - Notice to KBM Customers Ada-ware™ and Windows® Vista

Recommendation for Desktop Printer (Updated 8/8/7007)

My computer is slow-slow-slow

I need a lap top/ notebook computer for surfing and email (updated 9/8/2007)

Some Laptop/notebook buying advice specific to a client, but it might be right for you 07/19/2007 (Updated 09/08/2007)


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