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Computing Services

KBM has tremendous breadth and depth of Information Technology expertise. We are a family owned and operated business. We understand the needs of small growing businesses and more established businesses. We plan for a long term relationship.

We have experience in manufacturing IS, package software implementation, data design and management, information systems planning, custom workstation configuring, all manner of software and hardware purchasing and support, personalized PC training, PC servicing and repair,... We are also a Value Added Reseller of Dell computers. What else could you need? Whatever it is, we can respond and if we can't respond, we can help you find someone as honest as we are who can help you.

KBM has standard service packages in most product categories which are designed to provide some of the common services that our clients request. For these we have developed a systematic way to deliver the service so we can deliver an exceptional value for the price. Most of our customers use customized services or some combination of our standard services customized to their needs. One of the features of our standard services that our customers often comment on is that they always feel welcome to call for quick questions and assistance with things that might not be formally stated in the service description. As long as you are fair to us, we are always more than fair to you.

When we don't have a standard service, our hourly rate is $85/hour. Customers who use any of our standard services receive a preferred customer rate of $75/hour. Our rates are fixed in January of the current year and will not rise for the first full year of service. When we can get our arms around some definite requirements, a total project estimate is our standard procedure. We don't re-estimate for the same deliverables. The price we quote is the price you pay.

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